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Lifestyle with Sophia B


My name is Sophia.
Welcome to my blog Lifestyle with SophiaB, a digital destination for all things fashion, travel, beauty, health and lifestyle.

I started this blog in 2017 because I wanted an avenue to inspire and motivate people. I absolutely love creating content. Getting the opportunity to express myself through photography and writing is most rewarding. I’m hoping that people who read my post are inspired. My style of writing is for the everyday woman who is consumed by wanderlust, who gets excited over every purchase of luxury item or the perfect pair of jeans, who’s heart leaps for the desire of beauty and overall who just want to bring out the best version of themselves.


What is your blog about?

♦My blog is about my lifestyle. It contains bits and pieces of me from fashion, beauty, health and advice.

Who takes your photos?

♦Basically anyone who is with me. I do all my edits myself.

What is your ethnicity?

♦East Indian

Where were born?

♦Born and raised in the beautiful island of Trinidad.

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Additional info

♦I have a weird obsession with vegetarian food and break up songs (I know)

♦I love to cook interesting meals and bake

♦obsessed with movies

Thank you for your support♥

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